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🇸🇪 Dotter releases new single ‘Vintern jag var sexton’

The song was co-written by Thomas G:Son and Dino Medanhodzic

Following her triumphant return to Melodifestivalen earlier this year, Dotter has been one of the most prolific artists of the 2020 national final season. She has released a number of new tracks, including “Backfire” and “I’m Sorry”. Now, she has changed pace with the release of ‘Vintern jag var sexton’, a Swedish-language ballad.

From Dotter’s recent output one thing is certain, she has range. Since “Bulletproof”, she has graced us with polished ‘international’ pop songs such as “Backfire” and “I’m Sorry”. Now, a month after the release of the latter, she has released a Swedish-language track – ‘Vintern jag var sexton’.

Upon the release of the song, Dotter has revealed more of what the track is about:

 I sing about looking back on a relationship you had as a young person, which ended in the winter. Every year at the same time, at Christmas, you are reminded of this old relationship. The story is not specifically about me, but I myself was left as a teenager in the winter so there is high recognition

Dotter on what the song is about (translated)

Dotter’s latest single also acknowledges that there are many who do not feel well at Christmas time, the holiday is associated with joy and fellowship but many suffer and have anxiety just around Christmas.

Lonely people feel extra lonely and children of parents who drink get extremely bad. There can be many different causes of anxiety just around Christmas. With this song I want to comfort and confirm those who are having a hard time, they are not alone.

The song was co-written by Thomas G:Son, the man behind numerous Eurovision and Melfest hits including Loreen’s “Euphoria”, and long-term collaborator Dino Medanhodzic. You can listen to the song below:


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You also can stream the track alongside the latest singles from Eurovision and national final alum via our New Music Friday playlist:

Dotter in Melodifestivalen

Back in 2017, Dotter (born Johanna Maria Jansson) made her Melodifestivalen debut…as a songwriter. She co-wrote Mariette’s third participating entry and finalist ‘A Million Years‘. The following year, Dotter returned to make her debut as a solo artist in her own right. Despite ‘Cry’ being a fan favourite, the dark pop ballad was eliminated in sixth place in the semi-finals.

Last year, Dotter returned as a songwriting and came back in the form of Lina Hedlund’s ‘Victorious‘. The song came a respectable 11th place in the final. This year, she got her true redemption, with ‘Bulletproof’ going direct to the final alongside Anna Bergendahl. Tipped to win by bookies and many fans, ‘Bulletproof’ only missed out on victory by one point to ‘Move’ by The Mamas. This was the closest winning margin in Melodifestivalen since 2014.

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