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🏆 How your Eurovision 2021 semifinal 2 qualifiers reacted

Qualifiers announcement is always a super nerve-wracking and tense moment. No one can know for sure if their Grand Final place is safe for sure or not so the emotions afterwards are truly indescribable. Still the lucky artists do their best to mark this moment and thank everyone for their votes.

Here’s how the Eurovision 2021 Semifinal 2 qualifiers reacted on their social media accounts last night:


Albania was announced as the first qualifier and Anxhela seemed happy and surprised at once. Afterwards she posted a very brief message on her Instagram post saying “JU DUA”.


Serbian trio Hurricane seemd to love the news they qualified but nothing yet was posted from the band account, only reshares of Instagram stories. Moreover, the Hurricane members posted a tiktok video with Marija Serifovic on their personal accounts.


Super excited VICTORIA made an Instagram post describing her emotions and thanking the broadcaster and her team members.


Natalia and her team along with Philipp Kirkorov seem to be really excited! Later Natalia made a post in English, Romanian and Russian language to thank everyone who voted for her.


The Black Mamba were indeed happy they qualified! Their very brief thank you message can be found on their Instagram page.


Nevertheless, Iceland weren’t able to perform live, their second rehearsal video made enough impression to make them qualify! Some of the band members gathered in an improvised green room, some joined them online and for sure everyone was very excited about the news! Afterwards Dadi left a short thank you message on his Instagram page.

San Marino

San Marino blew the audience away with their performance and Senhit and Flo Rida seemed excited and hyped the whole show time. Both artists didn’t make any thank you posts but they shared a lot of Instagram stories. Senhit shared the post from Eurovision account tagging Flo Rida.

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Flo Rida published some stories from green room before and after the voting results thanking everyone and tagging Senhit for sure.

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Gjon’s reaction was super emotional and touching once he found out he qualified! Later Gjon posted a short thank you message on his Instagram page.


Probably, Stefania seems to be so excited and celebrating her qualification a lot so she didn’t posted anything since the semifinal itself on her social media. Though she did a couple of reposts of stories on her Instagram before the show.


Last qualifier announcement was a nerve-wracking indeed but at the end Finland did it! The band members seemed to be relaxed and happy about the news, they also did a post on Instagram saying “SEE U IN THE FINALS”.

Now when we know all the finalists who is your favourite to win? Let us know!

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