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Ulrikke wants to know it all in new single “Talk To Me”

Ulrikke has released a new single, called “Talk To Me”. Norway’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 really wants to know it all on her latest track.

From wanting “Attention” to saying “Talk To Me”

Judging by her songs, Ulrikke sure likes human interaction. Her Eurovision 2020 song was called “Attention” and now she’s telling someone to give her the full truth on “Talk To Me”. Helge Moen, Jim Bergsted and Ulrikke Brandstorp herself have written the song together.

In the song, Ulrikke asks someone to tell her everything, even the things she doesn’t want to know. She wants the full truth, all the details and especially if the other person is thinking about leaving. The song is a happy summery tune with a chorus that gets stuck in your head instantly.

“Talk To Me” is all about how you want to get to know another human, that being a love interest or a friend. You are curious to know about the things that might be a bit difficult to talk about; Who was your first kiss, what is the meaning behind all your tattoos? You basically want to know the things from their past which is significant in shaping who they are today.


Oslo Pride 2022

Next month Norway will hold its annual Oslo Pride. It will also mark the 50th anniversary since the decriminalisation of being gay in Norway. On June 25th Ulrikke will take to the stage as the headline act, as the crowd celebrates love and diversity in all its colours.

I was booked to play at Oslo Pride in 2020, however due to the pandemic the gig got moved to this year. So I’ve been waiting for this day for two years now. I really can’t wait to play this show. I mean, is there a better place to celebrate love, society being open again, and life in general? My manager is gay, so I’m super excited that I get to play during this big celebration. Me and my band is super ready to hit the stage, put on a show, and get people dancing.


Ulrikke’s Eurovision journey

Before winning Melodi Grand Prix in 2020, she participated in the competition previously in 2017 with her song ‘Places’, which placed fourth overall in the competition. In 2020, Ulrikke returned to the competition won Melodi Grand Prix with her song ‘Attention’. She however saw her Eurovision dream go up in flames due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite her desire to return to MGP and Eurovision one day, she declined the offer of a final spot in MGP 2021.

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