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Luxembourg discussing potential Eurovision return in 2024

Will Luxembourg end its three decade drought and make a return to Eurovision?

Luxembourg has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993 but discussions are taking place in the landlocked country that might suggest a potential return in 2024.

A potential comeback?

Back in August, RTL, the Luxembourgish national broadcaster, confirmed that the country would not be returning to Eurovision in 2023, due to the broadcaster’s intention to news features rather than music and entertainment. However, this week, RTL reported that the government may be putting Luxembourg’s participation at Eurovision on the table.

Mostly due to financial restraints, Luxembourg has not participated since 1993 but Prime Minister Xavier Bettel made statements this week that arguably warrant excitement. Given that he also holds the role as Minister for Communications and Media, he recently addressed the subject of a Eurovision return in a council meeting. He stated that if Luxembourg were to return, participation would come at a high price, yet also explained that were the country to boast a win, the positive impact would yield a substantial return.

RTL holds EBU membership for Luxembourg, and they have already been contacted. According to RTL, discussions regarding participation in 2024 are ongoing, and RTL could become a local media partner as a member of the EBU to find a potential candidate.

Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest

Luxembourg has boasted an impressive track record at Eurovision since their debut in 1956 and have participated 37 times between 1956 and 1993. However, they have not returned since.

Despite this, the landlocked nation has seven top 3 results to its name, where 5 of those saw them take home the top prize. Luxembourg first won in 1961 with Jean-Claude Pascal’s “Nous les amoureux”. Corinne Hermès brought the last win to the country in 1983 with her song, “Si la vie est cadeau”. Their most recent entry in 1993 was “Donne-moi une chance” and was sung by Modern Times. It finished in 20th place and was awarded 11 points.

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