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Ten finalists revealed for Vidbir 2024

The first ten finalists for Ukraine’s Vidbir 2024 have been revealed. The eleventh and final finalist will be selected in an online vote and is to be announced on 29 December.

Suspilne announced the ten finalists on 17 November. 2 weeks earlier, the Ukrainian broadcaster revealed the longlist for their national selection. Half of these have now qualified for the final. In addition, the titles of the songs have been revealed. The full list:

  • alyona alyona & Jerry Hail – “Teresa & Maria”
  • Drevo – “Endless Chain”
  • INGRET – “Keeper”
  • NAZVA – “Slavic English”
  • SKYLERR – “Time Is Running Out”
  • YAGODY – “Tsunamia”
  • YAKTAK – “Lalala”
  • Ziferblat – “Place I Call Home”

The eleventh finalist will be selected from the remaining performers on the longlist. They are:

  • ANKA
  • Carpetman
  • Julia Belei

Dmytro Shurov (Pianoboy), the music producer of Vidbir 2024, says this national selection is about teamwork for the benefit of Ukrainian music in general: “the most important thing is that throughout the whole process, we are on the same page and feel that we are working on a common cause together, which will definitely benefit Ukrainian music.” Not only the winner of Vidbir will find a new audience, but so will many others in the final and on the longlist. Shurov: “I am very happy that several participants of last year’s longlist have made a powerful breakthrough this year and have proved that they are ready to go the distance. That new artists you’ll love have emerged, that well-known faces have returned with strong songs and new motivation. This is a sign of a healthy, civilised attitude to competition, a desire for development, and a charge in our nation to seek and discover ourselves. It is a sign of a balance of love and respect for what we have and, at the same time, the courage to give and accept new things.” In short, this national selection will certainly not only benefit international music fans, but also the local music scene.

The entries of all eleven finalists will be revealed in January, and the live final will be held in February. The exact date is yet to be determined. The winner of Vidbir 2024 will be selected by the audience and a jury, which will be made up of music professionals chosen by an online vote.

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