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EBU Maintains Indefinite Suspension of Belarus’ BTRC

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has officially announced that the suspension of the Belarusian national broadcaster, BTRC, will remain indefinite. This clarification comes amid previous speculation that the suspension might end in July 2024.

The EBU’s decision reflects ongoing concerns about BTRC’s role as a vehicle for state propaganda, particularly following the disputed 2020 presidential elections in Belarus. These elections, which secured President Alexander Lukashenko a sixth term, were widely criticized by international observers for significant irregularities and have not been recognized as free or fair.

The impact of this indefinite suspension extends to Belarus’ participation in EBU-organized events, notably the Eurovision Song Contest, where Belarus has not competed since 2020. The country was barred from the 2021 contest after proposed entries were deemed too politically charged amidst the backdrop of internal unrest and protests against the government’s election results.

BTRC’s historical involvement in Eurovision includes entries from 2004 through 2020 and hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 and 2018, a contest they won in 2005 and 2007. Their continued exclusion marks a significant cultural and political stance by the EBU, underlining the organization’s commitment to maintaining impartiality and freedom in public broadcasting.

The EBU’s statement, “There is no reason for us to change our position at the current time,” signifies a steadfast approach to issues of media independence and political neutrality, especially in regions experiencing political conflict. This ongoing suspension is also influenced by broader geopolitical factors, including Belarus’ support for Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

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