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Introducing the Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll, ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast and OGAE Sweden join forces

For Eurovision fans, the most important week of the year is approaching rapidly. Next Saturday, 11th May, a new winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will be crowned in Malmö. The question on everybody’s lips is, of course, who will win the contest this year? To try and provide some insight into the potential outcome of Eurovision 2024, a collective of fan media has joined forces to bring you The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll!

What is the Eurovision Audience Poll?

Last year in Liverpool, we teamed up with ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast and BetEurovision to produce the first ever Eurovision Audience Poll. Our teamwork during the week highlighted that Finland’s ‘Cha Cha Cha’ would storm the televote and that Belgium’s ‘Because of You’ would be a surprise hit with the viewers, which you can read in our full analysis of The Eurovision 2023 Audience Poll.

Eurovision 2023 Audience Poll

In our return to Malmö,, ESC Insight, The Euro Trip Podcast and OGAE Sweden will collaborate to conduct The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll. Members of the four participating platforms will be approaching audience members leaving the Liverpool Arena to ask them who their favourite of the night was. The locations where our team will be collecting votes have been agreed with event security beforehand. On Monday (Semi-Final 1), Wednesday (Semi-Final 2) and Friday (Grand Final), we will publish the results of The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll on our website We will also post the results on the social media accounts of each of the four partaking Eurovision fan communities. We aim to publish the results before the press centre closes.

What is the idea behind the Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll?

The idea behind this Eurovision initiative is simple: We all want the answers as to who’s qualifying and who’s winning. By asking audience members on each of the evening preview shows who their favourite of the night was, we hope to help formulate their predictions for the big shows. Therefore, getting analysis into audience patterns that may be reflected in the televoting results.

The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll is working in collaboration with and the annual Press Poll. has been the home of the Press Poll for many years now and that will continue this year. With the Press Poll, only accredited members of the press are allowed to vote, whereas The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll will involve members of the general public who will be attending the first public viewing of each Eurovision show in Malmö.

In case you have any questions regarding The Eurovision 2024 Audience Poll, please reach out to any of the four platforms taking part in organising this event, and their contact details are available on The Eurovision Audience Poll website. For, please contact us through the contact form on our website. You can also contact the project co-ordinator, Ben Robertson (ESC Insight) through [email protected].

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