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“Eurovision Lights” Illuminate Eurovision 2024’s Branding

The countdown to Eurovision 2024 takes a visually stunning turn as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Swedish broadcaster SVT unveil the contest’s innovative branding. Dubbed “The Eurovision Lights,” this artistic concept creatively interweaves the awe-inspiring Northern Lights with the rhythmic power of music, symbolized through a dynamic equalizer design.

This year’s Eurovision branding emerges as a bold statement in design, blending a contemporary aesthetic with a touch of retro charm. This fusion aims to resonate with a wide audience, drawing parallels to the eclectic styles seen in Dua Lipa’s artistic expressions and the familiar visuals of Spotify’s interfaces, including their popular ‘Wrapped’ feature.

Courtesy of the EBU.

At the heart of the branding is the adaptability of its elements. Design features like the color transitions and the visual flow within the equalizer bars offer a customizable and interactive aspect, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement. Such flexibility in design elements ensures that the branding remains fresh and relevant across different applications and contexts.

Retaining the “United by Music” slogan from Eurovision 2023, the branding underscores the contest’s enduring ethos of unity through music. This message stands as a testament to Eurovision’s commitment to bridging cultural divides and celebrating diversity through the universal language of song.

Courtesy of the EBU

Crafted by Johan Bello from the Uncut design agency, the Eurovision 2024 branding is not just a logo but a narrative. It is a story told through the marriage of the Northern Lights’ natural wonder with the vibrant color palette of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sidney Lim, contributing to the design, highlights their goal of using simple gradients to construct a Eurovision identity that is bright, contemporary, and forward-thinking.

As Malmö prepares to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, “The Eurovision Lights” will not only illuminate the city’s urban spaces but also extend its reach across digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience. The design’s scalability is key to its consistency across various platforms and screen sizes.

.Courtesy of the EBU

This exciting reveal follows the historic victory of Loreen at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, making her the first female artist to win the competition twice. With her win, Sweden ties as the most successful country in Eurovision history, alongside Ireland.

Eurovision 2024, set to be held in Malmö, Sweden, will see the semi-finals on May 7 and 9, and the grand final on May 11. With “The Eurovision Lights” as its visual cornerstone, the contest is poised to be a celebration of unity, music, and visual artistry, echoing its slogan “United by Music” in every aspect.

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