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Online vote delayed due to Joost Klein investigation, no confirmation yet

On the morning of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 Grand Final in Malmö, we still have no idea how many participants will be taking part in tonight’s show. The investigation regarding Joost Klein is still ongoing and as a result, the online vote has been delayed until further notice.

Online vote delayed

Originally, the voting for the Rest of the World vote was supposed to open at midnight CET. However, around midnight, it was announced that said vote would be delayed until 02:00 a.m. As several X users have now confirmed, the vote is still not open at the time of writing this (08:00 a.m. CET). X user GJ Kooijman shares a screenshot of the voting, where it becomes clear that the vote has been delayed until the investigation regarding the Dutch entry has been concluded.

What do we know so far?

Yesterday, shock emerged in Malmö when Joost Klein was not allowed to perform during the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final. He was present at the flag parade, but was then not seen again in the arena. The EBU took a long time to comment on the occurence, but eventually put out a statement: “We are currently investigating an incident that was reported to us involving the Dutch artist. He will not be rehearsing until further notice. We have no further comment at this time and will update in due course.”

Just after 16:00 CET, Dutch journalist Aran Bade confirmed on X that Avrotros had commented on the matter. The Dutch broadcaster states: “It is true that an investigation is taking place regarding an incident. We await the outcome of this investigation and will not comment on the matter any further until then.”

Many expected and hoped for a conclusion before the jury final last night. The organisers however decided the investigation was still ongoing, stating: “The investigation into the incident with the Dutch artist in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is still ongoing. Discussions are also taking place between the EBU and AVROTROS, the Dutch participating broadcaster. While the investigation continues the EBU has decided that Joost Klein will not perform during Dress Rehearsal 2 of the competition which is voted on by juries in the 37 participating countries. His performance from Semi Final 2 will be used instead.”

According to Swedish broadcaster SVT, the nature of the incident under investigation is a confrontation between Joost Klein and a Swedish photographer or camera woman. What exactly happened is unclear, as well as when the event occured, although many are suggesting it must have been right after the flag parade.

Later last night, SVT Nyheter confirmed with the Malmö police department that they were on site to investigate the incident. The police confirm that there are no charges currently, but they are investigating what has happened and spoke to all parties involved. Footage arose earlier of Joost returning to his hotel, where Aftonbladet were waiting for him. Joost refrained from comment.

To summarise: Joost Klein has not been disqualified yet. The EBU will need to take a decision before tonight’s show. Disqualification may be on the table, but it is currently unclear whether that will actually happen or not. Nor is it clear what the consequences for the Netherlands at Eurovision would be. will keep you posted as soon as more information is revealed.

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