London Eurovision Party

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett are the latest guests to the London Eurovision Party

With only days to go until the London Eurovision Party, Sunday 26th April, the number of guests just keeps increasing! Today was the turn of the Norwegian pair to be announced as the latest performers.
The duo were selected in a tense finish a month ago in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix.
Their biography on the London Eurovision website gives us a bit of background about the two artists:

Kjetil Mørland comes from Grimstad in Southern Norway but has lived in the United Kingdom for most of his adult life. Performing the song with him is Debrah Scarlett. Of Norwegian and Swiss origin, Debrah lived in a town called Nittedal north of Oslo until she was five years old, but has lived for the majority of her youth in Switzerland. A Monster Like Me is a dark love ballad written by Kjetil. It is about confronting something unresolved from the past, and about having to let go of the one you love.

You can see the video for “A Monster Like Me” below:

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