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Withdrawal skandal – Ten Eurovision gems that never happened

4. Andreas Kümmert – Heart of Stone

The selection
Germany used their complex system again for 2015. Eight acts, each with two songs and three rounds to eventually pick their entry. Seven well known acts, plus a wildcard, Ann Sophie. Some big names were in the mix again: Medieval folk band Faun, alternative girl band Laing and winner of The Voice of Germany, Andreas Kümmert. After two rounds, two entries were left: Andreas Kümmert’s Heart of Stone and Ann Sophie’s Black Smoke. Everyone watching knew what happened the year before: the wildcard Elaiza beat the established stars of Unheilig. Could Ann Sophie pull the trick? Well no. Andreas Kümmert was announced as the winner of Unser Song für Österreich. What happened after that, no one could have imagined.
What was the skandal?
There’s not a whole lot I need to say here. We all know it, we’ve all seen it: Heart of Stone takes the record of being chosen as a Eurovision entry for the shortest period of time. I think it lasted about thirty seconds? Kümmert took the microphone and said he wanted to make a statement. I, and I assume many with me, were expecting a thank you and some emotional stuff from him. Instead, he said he wasn’t going to do Eurovision and wanted to give his ticket to Ann Sophie, who was left in shock. Host Barbara Schöneberger decided that she’d follow his choice, sent him away and Ann Sophie did her reprise.
How would this have done?
Well, it wouldn’t have scored zero points, I’d say. Ann Sophie only had 22% of the votes in Germany, so no one really could expect anything from her, but a zero? Andreas would’ve done better on the scoreboard, but he’d be a nightmare for anyone involved backstage.

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