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Withdrawal skandal – Ten Eurovision gems that never happened

Throughout the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, many songs were chosen. And some were then withdrawn. We all know the famous Belarussians who had the tendency to withdraw their entries about five times before coming up with their final answer in the past years, but there have been many more who did the same! Time for me to dive into the history of withdrawn entries and come up with the ten I like best.
Some of these songs have received great attention in the past few years, but there are some others who I had never even heard of. The history of Eurovision once again turns out to be full of drama, emotion and hidden gems no one has ever heard of. Now that is a SKANDAL!
Most of these entries did indeed get their hands on the Eurovision ticket, but some didn’t even get the chance to do that: Disqualifications before the national final for the favourite, countries to fully withdraw or other, sometimes less clear, motives… Let’s take a look then, we’ll start at #10 and count down to the ultimate song that never made it!

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