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Turkey + Greece + France + Belgium + Italy + Germany = San Marino 2016

San Marino RTV have today announced details of the team behind Serhat’s entry in Stockholm. It is, to say the least, a multi-national approach, although San Marino doesn’t seem to be a particularly heavily involved partner in creative terms.
Turkey: The song’s composer is Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz, music producer and TV presenter.
Greece: The lyricist is Nektarios Tyrakis, whose songwriting ‘credits’ include “Shake it” (Sakis Rouvas) and “Love me tonight” (Angelika Agurbash).
France: Cyril Orcel has an international career for orchestral music and will oversee the production of the track. There will also be a French language version of the song, with lyrics courtesy of Stéphane Laporte.
Belgium: Guy Waku will develop the song’s arrangements.
Italy: The management company is Italian, plus Italian lyrics version will be offered thanks to Mariella Nava.
Germany: The record label for Serhat’s song is German-based.
SMRTV are quoted as saying international media are referring to Serhat as “The Noble Knight of San Marino”…
The song representing San Marino will be debuted in early March.

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