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Greta Salóme to Eurovision again!

Greta Salóme has won the Icelandic ticket to Stockholm. Her song Hear Them Calling managed to convince the Icelandic people in the superfinal. Interestingly enough, Greta didn’t win the first round of voting.
During that first round, Alda Dís won both the jury voting as well as the televoting: She had a 78 point gap in the televotes ahead of Greta Salóme. Now however wasn’t strong enough to keep the lead, with Hear Them Calling sneaking in front.
It will be Greta’s second attempt at the Eurovision Song Contest. Back in 2012, she already represented Iceland with Jónsi and their Never Forget. They didn’t make the top twenty, despite being an outside favourite. Only time will tell if Hear Them Calling will bring her a better result in Eurovision.

Nick van Lith

I'm one of the founding members of Eleven years after the start, I'm proud to say that I am now the Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful website. When I'm not doing Eurovision stuff, you should be able to find me teaching German to kids... And cheering on everything and everyone Greek, pretty much. Pame Ellada!

Comments on Greta Salóme to Eurovision again!

  • Nathan

    Not my favourite Icelandic song ever but the visual presentation is great, particularly with the strobe lighting towards the end.

  • Dan

    Copy & Paste job. No originality, lets hope it bombs.

  • Big Hanny

    I prefer Never Forget, to be honest, ay ay ay

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