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Conchita Wurst forced to reveal HIV status to the media

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst has today been forced to declare that she are HIV positive before being outed to the media by an ex-boyfriend.

“For the public eye, it’s irrelevant”

In a statement made on Instagram, Conchita Wurst revealed that “the day has come to free myself from a great burden”, whilst reaffirming that “for the public eye, it actually is irrelevant”.
In full, a translation from German of the statement made on an Instagram post by Conchita is as follows:
“Today the day has come to free myself from a great burden. I have been HIV positive since many years. For the public eye, it actually is irrelevant, but an ex-boyfriend of mine is threatening to publish this info and I will not now or ever give anyone the right to scare me and influence my life in such a way. Since I received the diagnosis, I’ve been treated medically. I’ve been in a safer zone for many years, without exception and therefore, I am not able to pass the virus on to anyone.”
“I had multiple reasons not to go into the public with this information so far. Only two I want to mention here. The most important one was my family, who have known about me being HIV positive since the first day and who have always supported me. I would have liked to spare them the attention for their HIV positive son, grandson and brother. Just like my family, my friends have known for quite some time and they all deal with it without problems, just like I would wish it for anyone with this condition.”
“Secondly, I think this is information that is mostly relevant to those with whom sexual contact is in question. Coming out is better than to be outed by someone else. I hope, I can encourage people and make a stand against stigmatising those, who suffer from HIV because of their own conduct or by accident. To my fans: The information about my HIV might be new to you, my status isn’t. I am doing fine and I am stronger, more motivated and more liberated than ever. Thank you for supporting me!”

“My friends have been aware of this for quite some time”

In an English language statement given to Metro UK, Conchita stated again that their friends and family have been aware of this situation and that the only time it would be relevant to conversation outside of those people are for “those with whom sexual contact would be an option”.
ESCXTRA would like to send support and best wishes to Conchita from all of us associated with the website. Remember: you are unstoppable. 


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