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Tina Karol speaks out against Alekseev’s Belarussian participation

"Belarus should be represented by Belarussians"

Former Eurovision entrant Tina Karol has commented on Alekseev’s participation in Lisbon. The singer says she feels it’s not alright for citizens of other countries to represent Belarus: “Belarus should be represented by an artist who holds a Belarussian passport.”

Tina Karol not happy

Ukraine’s 2006 Eurovision entrant made her claims in an interview with Belarussian media. In the interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, she claims that there is plenty of talent in Belarus itself. Karol feels results should be secondary to that. Even if the Belarussians would fail to qualify for the final, at least they’d have done so with a homegrown singer.

The singer adds that she is not afraid of the reaction on her comments. She puts that down to part of who she is. She claims that, as a Ukrainian, she’s learned to say whatever is on her mind. What people think of that is not important. The Show Me Your Love songstress says Ukrainians don’t ever hide their opinions.

From Ukraine to Belarus

Ukrainian singer Alekseev had his eyes set on the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. He originally wanted to represent his home country. However, a few weeks later, he decided to withdraw from Vidbir. Instead, he would shift his focus elsewhere. His next destination became Eurofest in Belarus.

His song Forever managed to win the national final. Televoting ended up being a landslide victory for him. At the same time, the juries also put him first. Despite some of the original drama, where one of the other acts withdrew because of Alekseev’s participation, the singer went to Lisbon.

In Lisbon, Alekseev shocked many with his stage performance. Complete with a back full of roses, the singer failed to qualify for the Grand Final. In the very competitive first semifinal, he finished in sixteenth place.

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