Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 29

There seems to be a love wave washing over the Euroverse this summer <3 This week we bring you news of two Eurovision weddings and a Melodi Grand Prix baby! Also, there seems to be as many cats in the Euroverse as everywhere else! One of them has used up one life… And we have found another Eurovision “Fountain of Wisdom”.

Franka and Vedran

Franka Batelic, who represented Croatia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Cotenst in Lisbon with the song “Crazy”, married her long-time boyfriend Vedran Corluka yesterday! For those of you who are not into football at all; Vedran is part of the Croatian team that just won silver in the World Cup! The happy couple said their “I do”s in Bale, a small town in Istria. After the ceremony they celebrated through the night with their friends and family in the beautiful Villa Meneghetti. Franka has already shared a few pictures with her Instagram followers. Here are two of them;

Can and Öykü

Last weekend it was Can Bonomo’s turn to celebrate love! On the previous Wednesday he and and his bride Öykü said “I do” during a ceremony in Kucuksiftlik Park. And over the weekend, the wedding was celebrated in Cesme, surrounded by family and friends. He posted this picture on his Instagram, captioning it simply: “Everything”.

Turkish website ntv reported about the wedding, sharing a few more pictures of the beautiful bride and groom!

Alexander og Helene

No; not another wedding (!!) but a duet so beautiful it brings tears to most Norwegians’ eyes! This performance was Alexander’s first performance after his surgery. Some fans were a bit worried, since he only played he violin and didn’t sing. He has, however, said that his voice is back to where it’s supposed to be. At the same time, this was Helene’s last performance before giving birth to her second child; a baby girl. Helene shared this picture on her Instagram, telling the world that Nanna Margrethe was born on Friday!

“Sommernatt ved fjorden (Summernight by the Fjord)” is written by Ketil Bjørnstad (genious composer and author). It’s taken from a modern suite that tells the story of The Kristiania Bohemians (a political and cultural movement in the 1880s centered in Kristiania (now Oslo)). Hans Jaeger and Oda Krogh were both important members of the bohemians, and in this song, told by Oda’s sister, who is watching the pair from her window, they share an intimate moment in a small row boat out on the fjord on a summer night.

This week’s fountain of wisdom; Jessy Matador

It turns out Selma isn’t the only Eurovision star who wants to share some wisdom with her followers. Another we have discovered is France’s 2010 participant, Jessy Matador. He is not as active as Selma, but just as wise!


Cats! And Dihaj!

Yes, cats! A lot of Eurovision singers, like everyone else, love cats. This week I came across two Instagrams relating to cats. One is just a picture, but it’s just too adorable to leave out. (Also, the human in the photo performed my favorite ESC2017 song!)
Dihaj posted this wonderfully adorable photo on her instagram, captioning it: “cats and me and everybody’s happy”. Not sure whether or not they are her cats, or if she just borrowed them? I know I would have found it terribly difficult to put them back down… She also surprises us with an entirely new hairstyle: looooong with whispy bangs. Do you like her new look, or do you prefer the edgier short style she rocked at Eurovision?

Carola’s cat Busis caught fire?!

The other cat story could have been a lot more dramatic, but it isn’t. I guess this was a rather slow news week, when a Swedish cat’s handful of singed tail hairs made headlines even in Norway!

Carola posted this picture on her Instagram story on Saturday night. (Busis’ tail caught fire right after this picture was taken…what a smell!! Poor thing…she was completely calm.) Apparently, some journalists skipped reading the last part, about the cat being calm…because quite a few Swedish newspapers (and a couple of Norwegian ones too!) picked up the story and tried to make it sound a lot worse than it was. What had happened was that Carola and her daughter had lit some candles on the balcony, and the cat had managed to stick its tail into the flame. No fire, just a few burnt hairs. Terrible smell, otherwise no drama. That, however, is no fun for the papers, who tried their best to turn it into a big deal. #fail

On Wednesday, Carola posted this picture of Busis, who has very definitely not been “on fire” a few days before. Gorgeous cat! No drama!

Kate Ryan on tour!

Kate Ryan is going on a European tour this summer/fall. As we can see, it starts in Kassel in Germany already this week. After that she will be crisscrossing the continent, traveling to Spain, Poland, Belgium, Germany and Norway, playing 13 concerts between now and mid-November. Is she plaing a venue near you? And if so; are you going?

JOWST again?

I’ll finish this week’s tidbit roundup from the Euroverse with a little #-hint from Norway’s JOWST.
On his instagram he posted this little snippet of a song we all know. What is more interesting, however, is the seventh # in the accompanying comment…

It would have been really cool if you’re a follower, and had never heard this  before #Grabthemoment #jowst #music #newmuaicfriday #spotify #lyricvideo #esc2019 #killkillkill #voiceinmyhead #aleksanderwalmann #norway

Exciting times, boys and girls. Exciting times!
Here in Norway, the tropical summer has entered its third month, and we have NEVER experienced anything like it. Which, I have to admint, is the reason why this article isn’t published until now. Yes; I went to the beach (actually, it was a lake in the forest), and only got home a little while ago! Promise (that I’ll try) to get next week’s published a bit earlier in the day! Hope your summer is magical too! 


  1. I think you meant to write 2018 instead of 2918 in the beginning of the article, unless of course franka will live 900 years and represent croatia with another song called crazy.

    1. She just might, and we\’ll never know πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Thanks for noticing and making me aware!! Have changed it now πŸ™‚

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