Did you hear? Eurovision tidbits, week 28

In this week’s edition of “Did you hear?”, I’ve taken a look at life’s essentials. Well, at least kinda… Chocolate, football, muscles, new music, a fountain of wisdom, books, semi-naked Swedes…it’s all here, and much more! Enjoy!   

Oscar Zia, x3!

Oscar Zia has changed his name…or more correctly; added to it. He, and two of his friends decided they needed a middle name. Like Pralin, for instance. I mean; who doesn’t love a praline, right?! Yeah, so they all decided to adopt Pralin as their middle name. Awww; that’s so sweet!

Also, he released a new song a while back, which is turning into something of a summer hit in Sweden. Last week he performed it on singalong show “Lotta på Liseberg”. He only recently started singing in Swedish, and it seems the Swedes appreciate that!

And, seriously; what’s with these Swedish Eurovision artists celebrating football results with their bums out?! Not that we’re complaining…

Oscar Pralin Zia has participated in Melodifestivalen three times already, in 2013, 2014 and 2016. Can we hope for a return in 2019 – in Swedish? With or without clothes?

Franka, the football fan!

Just like the rest of us, Franka is following the World Cup these days. Actually; she might be a bit more into football than most! She was in Moscow when Croatia beat England and made it to the FINAL for the first time ever! Just check this picture and videoclip! Can’t wait to see her reaction if Croatia manages to beat France and become World Champions! Keep an eye on her Instagram!

Samir & Viktor need your help!

The Swedish duo will be releasing their biography soon’ish, and are now finalizing the work on the book’s layout. And this is where the fans are needed; they need your help to choose between two cover photos. Pop over to Samir’s Instagram to let them know which one you prefer. Below you can see one of the alternatives.

Cesár, the fitness writer!

Cesár posted the following on his instagram;

I am really happy with my article ( the first that I’ve written myself) in the current issue of @womanmagazin 😊 I have dedicated almost a decade of my life to understanding the functional body as well as assisting people by teaching movement and informing them about#nutrition. Now music is the center of my life again , but i am glad that I can still share my experiences.

The article itself isn’t available online, at least not yet, as it is from this month’s issue of WOMAN magazine. I’ll keep an eye out for the online version, which will, among other things, include Cesár’s fitness journey and his swimming training plan. #speedos?

Selma – a modern day Sága (Norse goddess of wisdom)?

In addition to being a Eurovision silver medalist, an actor, a director and much more, Selma is also turning out to be a fountain of wisdom. On her Instagram, especially lately, she is posting a lot of inspirational quotes. Some of them with a humorous twist, others are kinda cheesy, but no less true. And then there are the ones that completely hit home and you want to share them straight away. She’s also a bit of a selfie/groupie queen, so if you’re a Selma fan, you should definitely follow her!

My personal favorite pic on her insta is this one, though; Iceland’s two Eurovision silver medalists, flanking their first (dare I say it?) winner! Yes, with the right song, I very much believe that Daði Freyr can go all the way for Iceland!

Eurovision bonanza (well, at least kinda) in Ohrid

Ohrid is a cute little seaside town in Macedonia. And if you enjoy Balkan Eurovision divas, it’s obviously the place to be from July 27th to August 3rd. On Friday 27 July, Severina, who represented Croatia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, will be playing a concert there. Bearing in mind that she has released no less than 15 albums, we won’t guarantee that she’ll play “Moja stikla”, however.

A week later, Ohrid will pay host to Eurovision royalty, when Marija Serifovic, winner of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, plays a concert there. Marija won the contest in Helsinki for Serbia, with her wonderful Balkan ballad “Molitva”. Again, we can’t promis she’ll sing her entry on stage in Ohrid, but I think we can promise you a superb concert experience!

Vocal cord problems for Jill Johnson

The popular Swedish artist, Jill Johnson, who represented her country in the 1998 contest with “Kärleken är“, has had to postpone concerts due to problems with her vocal cords. Aftonbladet reports that this is not the first time this has happened, but that it’s supposedly not serious this time. We wish Jill the very best of luck with getting her vocal cords back in working order, and hope that the rest of her summer concerts will go as planned!

I’ll be back with more little tidbits from around the Euroverse next Sunday. Until then; keep playing Eurovision music, enjoying summer, and support your favorite in today’s World Cup final! As always; May the most fair playing team win! 

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