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Listen to the full line-up for The Netherlands’ Junior Songfestival now!

All four songs are now released!

The date of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is getting closer, and the competing countries are starting to reveal their plans for the upcoming contest. Among the 19 competing countries we have The Netherlands, that will once again choose its representative with their national final “Junior Songfestival”. Four acts will compete to represent The Netherlans in Belarus next November.

Junior Songfestival 2018

In the national final to take place on November 29th, four acts will compete to represent The Netherlands. Even with just four acts, there is diversity on the contestants: we have two solo female acts, one duo, and one girlband. The two young girls that will perform solo are Kiya with the song “Butterflies” and Anna with “Touch each other’s heart”. The duo is composed by Max and Anne and they will sing “Samen”. Finally, the girlband is called Remix and they will perform “What girls do”. One of this four acts will be the successor of the boyband “Fource”.

Kiya – “Butterflies”

Anna – “Touch each other’s heart”

Max and Anne – “Samen”

Remix – “What girls do”

The Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The first dutch participation in the contest goes back to 2003, when the contest started to take place. Since then the country has participated in every edition. Among their 15 appearances they have one victory in 2009, when Ralf Mackenbach won with his song “Click clack”. Two years later in 2011, Rachel was very close to reach the second victory for the country with the song “Teenager”, but at the end Georgia won it all. In the last edition of the contest The Netherlands were represented by the group “Fource” who achieved the third best dutch result in the competition, a 4th place with 156 points.

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