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Armenia: Running order released for Mankakan Evratesil Semi Finals

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is coming closer, and AMPTV has released the running order for the two semi-finals of Mankakan Evratesil 2018. The semi finals will take place on September 9th and 16th, and the qualifiers from both semi finals will compete in the Grand Final to take place on September 23rd. Who is going to represent Armenia in Minsk?                   

Two former participants as Hosts

The national selection will be hosted by two young singers who have experienced the Junior Eurovision Song Contest before. We are talking about Mika and Dalita. Dalita has represented Armenia on the home ground in 2011, with the song “Welcome to Armenia”, while Mika has represented the country 4 years later with the song “Love”. Both were successful in the competition, reaching the 5th and 2nd place respectively. 

The national selection will feature three shows: two Semi Finals and the Grand Final. The first Semi Final will take place on September 9th and will feature 11 acts while the second Semi Final will take place on September 16th and will feature 12 acts. Let’s have a look at the running order for the shows.

The running order for the first Semi Final:

  • 1. Anna – 1 2 3 4
  • 2. Arpi – Par (Dance)
  • 3. Nare Elizbaryan – Du karogh es (You can)
  • 4. GorX – Why Don’t?
  • 5. Vardan Margaryan – Chanaparh (Road)
  • 6. 1+1 – Misht miasin (Always together)
  • 7. Eliza – Im Yerazank (My dream)
  • 8. Ani – Angels
  • 9. Maria Petrosyan – Happy Birthday
  • 10. L.E.V.O.N – L.E.V.O.N
  • 11. Lia – Kamats-Kamats (Little by little)

The running order for the second Semi Final:

  • 1. Sati – Insta
  • 2. Serzh Arakelyan – Good Mood
  • 3. Silva Grigoryan – Pokrik zinvor (Little soldier)
  • 4. Yurahatuk – Yurahatuk (Special)
  • 5. Vova – Leggo
  • 6. Lily – Paykar (Struggle)
  • 7. Sekunda – Kez im, Yerevan (To you, my Yerevan)
  • 8. Melisa – Chameleon
  • 9. Vahag Mesrobyan – Es ekel em (I have come)
  • 10. Eric – Ari Pari (Come dance)
  • 11. Anahit Arakelyan – Shabadabadam
  • 12. Hatut Harutyunyan – Amar e (It’s summertime)

Armenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 

The first Armenian entry in the contest goes back to 2007, when Arevik represented the country with the song “Erazanq”, finishing in the second place. Among their 11 appearances, Armenia has won the contest once in 2010, when Vladimir Arzumanyan beated the Russian representatives by one point. Armenia is very sucessful in the competition, placing in the top 5  eight times out of eleven entries. Last year the country was represented by Misha and the song “Boomerang”, placing sixth with 148 points. 

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