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🇸🇪 Frida Öhrn: “It’s all about fun and singing your heart out”

We had the chance to speak with Frida Öhrn

Before the fourth semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2020 we had the chance to speak with Frida Öhrn, who will open the show with her entry “We Are One”. The song is written by Hampus Eurenius, Nicklas Eklund and herself. We talked about her entry, expectations, her past and what is next for Frida.

After performing her act already in her sleep, she finally was able to bring it on stage!

After months of preparations, Frida was happy to finally bring her act to the stage. She rehearsed her entry so far in a small dance studio, where it’s different because you don’t get a feeling for the stage. It all came together now in Malmö. She is from Solna, where the Friends Arena is and she would love to perform for her home crowd.

Before the performance she always gets nervous, but the good kind of nervous. It’s always a different experience, even though it’s her fourth time in Melodifestivalen.

This time Frida is on her own with her own song and her own words. She feels confident with her entry and lives to open the show. Her goal is to see the audience dance and clap along with her music. Moreover, it’s about having fun and singing her heart out.

Sending the song to Melodifestivalen was never in her heard before. They wrote the song about a year ago. It was a happy coincidence that the song came up. She wanted to write something about people coming together. This was when “We Are One” was born. Loving each other is very important for her and she spreads this love on stage.

As a songwriter, everything can inspire her. It could be a book, a person, a story, family, friends or also a movie or netflix. It can be everything.

After she wrote music and record labels didn’t support her with releasing music, she founded her own record company. She is been in music for a while and wants to know and control what she wants. She learned a lot from this. “We Are One” is kinda a mix of all the stuff she did before.

For the next time, she has many songs, who are ready to go. A big tour follow follows this summer, in the fall her own tour and an EP or album will come later this year. She will embrace all the music.

Watch the full interview below and see what Frida had to say including a message for you guys!

Thanks again for Frida and her team to give us the time and chance to speak with Frida! As you can see, it was a lot of fun.

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