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🇧🇪 If it were up to them, Hooverphonic will go to Eurovision in 2021

The cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is two days behind us. We hope that you can enjoy yourself in these uncertain times. In the meantime, a few countries have already invited their candidate for this year to participate next year. Hooverphonic’s Alex Callier spoke at length about it to What will Belgium do?

Alternation between VRT and RTBF

Since the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest, there has been an alternation between VRT and RTBF. The two Belgian broadcasters pass on the Eurovision task to each other every year. This tradition has changed three times in history. These changes took place in the 1990s and in 2001 when Belgium had to withdrew after disappointing results. Since 2002, VRT has been doing all even years and RTBF all odd years. The cancellation of Eurovision 2020 could mean the fourth change in history.

VRT in discussion with RTBF

Before VRT turns to Hooverphonic, they would like to consult with their Walloon colleagues. Alex reacts: “I don’t think that in these circumstances, the Walloon broadcaster needs to demand that it be up to RTBF in 2021. VRT and RTBF alternate every year and this year it simply does not take place. Then the VRT remains. But should it come to that, the Walloon broadcaster can still designate us.”. With these words Alex Callier once again clarifies that he would very much like to go to Eurovision.

Writing a new song

If Hooverphonic gets elected for Eurovision 2021, Alex Callier wishes to write a new song. Alex: “Next year I will again choose a great song. With or without lift (a difference of pitch, ed.), I don’t care. I can imagine that we now need a happy and uptempo song. I may write something like that, but it is too early to say anything about it.”

A little detail about the planned act

Alex also told a mini bit about the act that Hooverphonic had prepared for Rotterdam. He explained that he had a very cinematic act in mind, it had to look like you were in a cinema.

Alex’s personal Eurovision 2020 favourite

Message to the Eurovision fans

Alex Callier supports all Eurovision fans with the famous quote from Monty Python: “always look on the bright side of life”. He adds that we should try to remain positive now and look forward to Eurovision 2021. “Keep well and enjoy your family!”

To finish in a positive way, Alex Callier revealed the news that Hooverphonic will come with a new album very soon!

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