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🇮🇸 “Think About Things” enters UK Spotify Top 50 after going viral on TikTok! See the Top 5 videos here!

Everybody is "Think(ing) About Things"

The 2020 entries are getting received by the public very well and gain popularity. One of the front-runners is this year’s Icelandic entry “Think About Things” by Daði Freyr. The song already has more than 60.000 different videos by people from all over the world on TikTok under the official audio alone and now entered the UK Spotify Top 50. We collected some of the most popular videos here!

“Think About Things” continues to go viral!

Even before the contest, the song received a big reaction online. Following “Europe Shine A Light” the song reached new heights on TikTok. This results in it now charting inside the UK Spotify Top 50 with ~130.000 streams in the UK alone just yesterday!

Let’s check the current Top 5 most popular TikTok videos of “Think About Things”. But before we gonna see the video of the guys, who started it all! On the following pages, you can see the Top 5 TikTok videos! Enjoy 🙂


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♬ Think About Things – Daði Freyr
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