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🇮🇸 IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW: Felix Bergsson – Iceland Head of Delegation

In our extended and in-depth interview, the Head of Delegation for Iceland at Eurovision, Felix Bergsson, talks to me about what that role actually entails, the Icelandic national selection Söngvakeppnin, and of course a certain Netflix movie.

We start by discussing what a Head of Delegation actually does at Eurovision.

“You are the leader of the group so you are responsible for the delegation. I often say it’s a very diplomatic role in many ways. You’re a diplomat. You’re dealing with your own people but at the same time you’re also dealing with so many others, so many different aspects of the competition… We’re preparing so well that we’re prepared for anything that can happen, and basically making the artist comfortable and making the artist get as much out of Eurovision as possible. And we also represent the Icelandic people and Iceland nation.”

Felix Bergsson, Iceland HoD 2020
Felix Bergsson led the charge with the group Hatari in 2019 (Image Source: Iceland Review)

I rather cheekily ask whether Felix would be interested in the biggest of all the jobs at Eurovision: Executive Supervisor of the EBU. Whilst he would consider the role if ever he was approached, Felix is quick to praise both the old and new supervisors Jon Ola Sand and Martin Österdahl, respectively. However, he also raises a very important point…

“I would love to see a woman taking that leading role in the next few years. I think it’s very important that we bring in more women into leading roles at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is 2020 and we really should be looking at these things as well”

Felix Bergsson, Iceland HoD 2020

So far, we’ve had no news regarding Iceland’s plan for the 2021 contest and choosing its entry, be it via the Söngvakeppnin national final or an internal selection. Felix updates us on what’s happening currently…

“Hopefully we will have news at the end of August or beginning of September. There are discussions going on all the time. We are in a very good position at the moment. It would be a great thing to do another Söngvakeppnin and have lots of songs put in – that’s what we love doing – but it would also be a great option to send Daði Freyr again. He’s made quite a name for himself and it would make my job a lot easier [LAUGHS] so it could be great, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Felix Bergsson, Iceland HoD 2020
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Image Source: Netflix)

I couldn’t talk to Felix and not ask about his thoughts on the new Netflix movie ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga‘. The film focuses on an Icelandic duo desperate to achieve their dream of singing at Eurovision, and the film also heavily features characters who are part of the delegation of Iceland. I wondered if he had any advisory role on the project and asked what he thought about the fictionalised version of his colleagues and the portrayal of Icelanders?

“There is no Head of Delegation in that film and I was like ‘where is the Head of Delegation!? I was so ready! [to play the part]. They didn’t speak to me but they spoke to some people at RÚV, and a lot of my Icelandic friends are involved in that movie – people who know Eurovision very well. So I think they got lots of advice from the Icelandic people working on it. It’s a great film, so much fun and I love it… I think people in Iceland are very happy with it, especially in Húsavík… I think the whole elf thing is very funny and they use a lot of Sigur Rós music in the film, and music by Icelandic artists. Of course the names are wrong; some kind of Swedish version of Icelandic names, you know? And the accents are horrendous [LAUGHS] but that’s part of the fun.”

Felix Bergsson, Iceland HoD 2020

We spoke about many more things including how he feels about the rule change for backing vocals allowed on the backing track at Eurovision, and what was his favourite moment at Eurovision. Watch the rest of the interview in the video above or on YouTube.

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