#NewMusic with Vincent Bueno, Bilal Hassani, Alicja, Kate Miller-Heidke, Vasil Garvanliev, Katrina from Katrina and the Waves and more!

Bilal Hassani – ‘Dead Bae’

France’s Eurovision 2019 representative Bilal, has been known to releasing songs which deals with heartbreak. With his latest release, we are sure to know that you should not break Bilal’s heart. If you do, then you must face the consequences.

Daði Freyr – Ja Ja Ding-Dong (Cover)

Ever since the release of ‘Fire Saga’, everyone has been going on about ‘Ja Ja Ding-Dong’ and how they can’t get enough of it. After getting hundreds of requests via his social media, Iceland’s Eurovision 2020 representative Daði Freyr released his cover version of the song.

Alicja – ‘Gdzieś’ (Somewhere)

Poland’s Eurovision 2020 representative Alicja has released her follow-up single. A uplifting song, Alicja mentions that:

“Somewhere” is a piece for everyone, because each of us is looking for his own place and this place can be a metaphor for love, friendship, family and, of course, happiness, broadly understood, because we are all looking for joy and hope.

Alicja on her new track (translated)
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