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“Arcade” passes “Soldi” as the most-streamed Eurovision entry on Spotify

The 2019 winner keeps on winning

After gaining success on TikTok, Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade” has overtaken the title of most-streamed Eurovision entry on Spotify.

Over 172 million streams

Just two weeks ago “Arcade” became the most-streamed Eurovision winner. Mahmood‘s “Soldi” held the title as the most-streamed Eurovision entry on Spotify until yesterday, when “Arcade” passed the song. As of January 29th, 2021, Duncan Laurence’s winning entry has 172,528,047 streams as “Soldi” is behind with 172,244,915 streams.

Next to the success of the song “Arcade”, Duncan Laurence has over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The original “Arcade” sound has been used on almost 200 thousand videos on TikTok while an edit of the song is featured on over 340 thousand videos.

Duncan Laurence at Eurovision Song Contest

The Netherlands internally selected Duncan Laurence to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “Arcade”. In Tel Aviv, Duncan brought The Netherlands to the Grand Final for a fourth consecutive year. In addition to his participation in the Grand Final, Duncan also won the Press Award at the Marcel Bezençon Awards as voted for by the Press.

After 44 years, Duncan managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest for The Netherlands. The last time the country won the contest was in 1975 with “Ding-a-dong”.

After the cancellation of Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Duncan Laurence is still the reigning champion until May 2021. This weekend he will make an apperance on the French national final as one of the jury members.

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