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🇷🇺 Sergey Lazarev wins Dancing With The Stars

Two time Eurovision entrant Sergey Lazarev has just won the Russian version of Dancing With The Stars. The 37-year old singer emerged victorious in the twelfth season of Tantsy So Zvyozdami.

Sergey Lazarev – The dancer

For Dancing With The Stars, Lazarev teamed up with professional dancer Ekaterina Osipova. After missing the first week of the competition, the duo took the competition by storm. Interestingly, during the semifinal, the pair found themselves as low as fourth – their worst performance to date. They quickly recovered in the final and managed to take the trophy home.

In the past couple of weeks, they danced to songs like “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz or a cha-cha to Stromae’s “Tous Les Mêmes“. At the bottom of this article, you can see one of the duo’s last performances in the competition, where they danced to Ricky Martin’s “La Bomba”.

Russia’s competition star

Sergey Lazarev has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. In both 2016 and 2019, he managed to finish in third place. For “Scream” and “You Are The Only One”, he teamed up with Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos. Back in 2016, Lazarev managed to win the semifinal in Stockholm before reaching the podium in the Grand Final. Three years later, a sixth place in the semifinal also led to a podium on Saturday night. Over the past few years, he has emerged as one of Russia’s best-selling artists.

It seems Lazarev loves to compete in a show. Besides Eurovision and Dancing With The Stars, he finished as runner-up in Dancing on Ice in 2006. Two years later, he won the show Circus of the Stars.

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