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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ύ Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou’s “El Diablo” released

Have you also fallen in love with "El Diablo"?

We have another entry! Last month, Elena Tsagrinou revealed via her Instagram that her Eurovision 2021 entry “El Diablo” would be released February 24th. The wait is over, and the music video has now been released via Panik Records’ website and app.

As expected, Cyprus have delivered yet another high-impact and polished video clip to accompany their Eurovision 2021 entry. The song was premiered on RIK1 on “Happy Hour” this afternoon before being uploaded to the Panik Records website.

About “El Diablo”

As was revealed previously, Elena is described as a “a fresh face of the music industry.” It was also hinted that the composer behind her entry was “a very big name” that would create excitement upon announcement. 

This was referring to Jimmy Joker, who has written songs for Pitbull, JLO, Nicki Minaj and countless other international stars. He is credited alongside Laurel Barker, who wrote three of the entries of Eurovision 2019 (Switzerland, the UK and Germany), and countless national final songs. They are joined on the songwriting team by Thomas Stengård and Oxa.

Back in the summer, it was confirmed by Head of Delegation Evi Papamichael that Marvin Dietmann will be overseeing the 2021 staging. He was of course the stage director of Conchita Wurst’s winning performance for Austria in 2014 with “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

Joining her team this month was acclaimed fashion designer Celia Kritharioti. Celia will be dressing Elena throughout her Eurovision journey, and whose designs can be seen in the music video.

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