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🇮🇹 Måneskin’s Damiano David did not use drugs in the Green Room, EBU confirm

EBU call false rumours and fake news "alarming"

The EBU have just released a statement in which they confirm that Damiano David did not use drugs in the Green Room of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Organisers of the contest have studied the footage and extensively and both that, and the drug test Damiano took have resulted in the same conclusion. The matter is now closed.

Damiano David takes drug test

In a sad turn of events, rumours arose on social media on Saturday evening that Damiano David, the lead singer of Måneskin, had been using cocaine in the Green Room. The rumours originate from footage, where Damiano is bending over a table. The speculation that followed was dismissed by the overwhelming majority of fans, spectators and commentators.

However, in a media storm that followed, the result was that during the winners’ press conference at Eurovision, an Aftonbladet journalist asked Damiano David about it. His denial apparently didn’t convince people enough, so he announced that he would be taking a voluntary drug test upon returning to Italy to prove once and for all that the rumour was nonsense.

Media in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and many other countries have run the story. A French minister of European Affairs even demanded an investigation, stating Italy should be disqualified had the drug test returned positive.

Broken glass and a negative test

The EBU have confirmed that the drug test Damiano David took has come back with a negative result. Therefore, all allegations of drug abuse against the Måneskin singer can and should cease to exist. Furthermore, the organisers of Eurovision 2021 also studied the footage extensively. Damiano David responded with a clear and simple message on social media:

Måneskin themselves said that a broken glass was the reason for Damiano to bend over a table. They say he was looking at the ground. Reports from the EBU confirm that broken glass was indeed found near the Italian seats in the Green Room. From the footage, they also drew the conclusion that no drug abuse has taken place there. The footage shows Damiano bending over, but with his hands far apart. His head is also far above the table. The claim of cocaine use, looking at that footage, was highly questionable from the first moment.

The EBU commented on the media storm in a powerful statement, saying:

We are alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to fake news has overshadowed the spirit and the outcome of the event and unfairly affected the band.

Eurovision Song Contest organisers

It is indeed alarming that false rumours have led to a lead singer feeling forced to taking a drug test upon returning home after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. The EBU have now closed the case and end their statement by congratulating Måneskin once more on their victory.

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