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🇮🇹 Damiano David of Måneskin volunteers to take drug test after allegations

Cocaine speculation strongly refuted by Italy and their representatives

Lead singer Damiano David of Måneskin has volunteered to take a drug test after allegations arose that the singer had taken drugs in the greenroom during the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The singer has denied all allegations and the EBU have released a statement.

“I don’t use drugs” – Damiano David

The story originates from footage of last night. During the voting segment, Måneskin were on camera. On television, one could see Damiano David bending his face over the table they were sitting at. Speculation soon arose, without any clear evidence, that the singer had been taking cocaine. Even during the winner’s press conference, a journalist decided to ask Damiano David about the alleged drug abuse. His answer was clear:

I don’t use drugs. Please, guys. Don’t say that really, no cocaine!

Damiano David at the winner’s press conference

Explaining what had happened during the event and answering the question why Damiano was bending over the table, they mentioned a broken glass. According to the group, Thomas Raggi, the guitar player, had broken a glass and they were looking down at that. Soon after the incident in the press conference and the social media storm that followed, the band took to their Instagram story to comment:

EBU confirm broken glass was found

In a statement, the EBU have now commented on the matter. They reiterate that the band have strongly refuted any allegations of drug abuse. The drug test Måneskin mention in their Instagram story will indeed take place once they return home. They would have taken the test the moment it was possible and indeed requested it last night, but the EBU could not arrange such a test at short notice in Rotterdam. The EBU did confirm finding broken glass in the green room:

The band, their management and head of delegation have informed us that no drugs were present in the Green Room and explained that a glass was broken at their table and it was being cleared by the singer. The EBU can confirm broken glass was found after an on site check. 

EBU regarding the speculations surrounding Måneskin in the green room

If the EBU release any more updates on the matter, we will report them. For now, let’s just enjoy Måneskin’s winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, as they gathered 524 points with Zitti e buoni, taking us to Italy for the first time since 1991.

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