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🇲🇩 Voting quirks: Moldova’s evaporating televote support

Going from #1 in the semi to #22 in the final - what happened?

In the past few days, has been analysing the results of the televoting at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. One of the most interesting cases to study was the televote score for Moldova, looking at the semi and the Grand Final… What happened to Sugar that made it collapse in the Grand Final televote?

First places… and last places

Let’s start at the beginning. In the semifinal, Moldova were a borderline jury qualifier, gathering 56 points in tenth place. The televoters however ate Sugar incredibly well: Natalia Gordienko finished in fourth place there with 123 points, only 27 points behind televote winners Finland. Of those 123, a grand total of 96 points came from a set of douze points. No less than eight countries awarded Moldova their top score in televoting.

At the same time, it’s fair to say that Moldova had a marmite entry. No less than three countries ranked Sugar dead last. The interesting case there is Bulgaria, where all five jury members unanimously agreed that Moldova had the best song of the night. Televoters disagreed, ranking the song at #16 and last… It all totals to an average placing of 6.3 in the semifinal.

Countries that put Moldova first in the semi:
Czech Republic
San Marino
Countries that put Moldova last in the semi:

Downhill in the final…

It all went a bit downhill for Moldova in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Of the eight countries that awarded them a douze in the semi, only one did the same on Saturday: Czech Republic. Portugal, San Marino and France still kept Sugar in their top ten. For the other four countries that had Moldova first on Thursday, the song completely disappeared from their televote.

The biggest differences come from Serbia and Greece. Both countries ranked Natalia Gordienko first in the semifinal, but for the final, she ended as their #22 and #21 respectively. Austria and Iceland, where the song scored top five in the semi, now only had it at #24. In Estonia, the Moldovan entry was wiped out, coming in at #19, compared to #1 in the semifinal. All in all, Moldova only reached an average placing of 14.6 in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, gathering 62 points in the process.

This includes points from countries that weren’t able to vote in the semi (Romania’s 12, Russia’s 3, Italy’s 2, and Azerbaijan’s 1). That means that only 44 points came from countries that were also able to vote for them in the semi, with Albania suddenly putting it at #4 – twelve spots higher than last place #16 they had it in the semi. So in fact, only 37 of their 123 semi points remained, roughly 30%… A shocking decline, as Moldova vanished from the televote completely in the Grand Final.

The full Moldova report card

Below, you can see how Moldova scored across the board with Natalia Gordienko and Sugar. We have only included the countries that were able to vote in both the semi and the final. Let us know what you think of these results!

MoldovaSemi TelevoteFinal TelevoteDifference
Czech Republic11=
San Marino15-4
United Kingdom1120-9

Today, we will also be diving into the televoting scores of countries like France and Finland . Stay tuned! Below you can see the list of our previous televote analysis articles:


  1. For example, let´s check the televotes from Greece. In the semifinal 2nd Moldova scored 1st, Albania 2nd, Finland 3rd, Switzerland 4th, Bulgaria 5th, Iceland 6th…
    The in the final, among the countries that had taken part in the second semifinal, Albania was 1st, Finland 2nd, Switzerland 3rd, Iceland 4th, Bulgaria 5th… and Moldova the last one!!!!
    How come is that possible? If all the other countries practically remain in the same positions
    And it has happened in many more countries again with Moldavia??
    In my view, there was some is something very weird has happened, legal or illegal! Either some bribes, or some votes not sent by physical viewers\”
    It would be nice trying to find it out

  2. Of course they bought their points, bribed the juries of some countries, because the song was utterly garbage.

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