New Music Friday – this week with Alexandra Rotan, Hurricane, Elena Tsagrinou & more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Enzo – ‘Tic Tac (L’Album)’

Last Sunday, Enzo followed Valentina’s victory with third place for the host nation. Already the young French star has released his debut album ‘Tic Tac (L’Album)’. One for the Christmas stocking, the album features 13 tracks. Of course the Junior Eurovision entry bookends the album in its original version, as well as an acoustic rendition. Meanwhile the album introduces us to more of Enzo’s skills as a rapper and singer. Whilst also getting to learn the issues that matter to Enzo.

It’s an album that is very close to my heart. There are lots of songs that I love, lots of messages. I have a song called ‘Black’, which is about racism, another called ‘La Vie en couleur’, which Alban Lico wrote for me – he is the composer of ‘Tic Tac’ – and I also wrote two songs. I love this album, and I hope to make more!

Enzo, (bfmtv.com)

Eimear Quinn – ‘Winter Solstice’

On the 21st December, the Northern Hemisphere celebrated its Winter Solstice. This is the moment when the North Pole is at its maximum tilt away from the Sun. Of course that also means we have the shortest day of the year, with the least daylight. Through that darkness, Ireland’s Eurovision 1996 winner, Eimear Quinn shines the light of her ethereal voice in her latest single. ‘Winter Solstice’ is a tribute to the ancient traditions of the natural wonder of Winter time.

“I’ve always loved this day. Not only for the optimism it brings, but also for the ‘holding’ that I feel our Earth mother gives us as she tips to her furthest extreme from our life-giving sun. The stillness of the dark, and the acknowledged need for rest and dormancy, before the cycle starts again. I hope you enjoy my new hymn to this sacred day. (I made the video alone on my iPhone…. So, as Adele might say… go easy on me.”

Eimear Quinn, (Facebook)

Franka x Sara Jo – ‘On’

During the past week, more news about Dora 2022 and the Serbian 2022 selection was revealed. So what better way to enjoy that, than with a crossover of two of their Eurovision acts? Together with former Moje 3 star, Sara Jo – Croatian 2018 representative, Franka presents ‘On’. This is a light-hearted take on how seriously some women can feel about relationships getting in the way of their friendships. As the pair serve tango-tastic, Latin beats, while consoling each other in their sacrificial act.

An unusual idea, but we’re here to push the boundaries. Two friends successfully get rid of a guy in a hundred ways. It’s quite a fiery video and different from something people expected to see from both me and Sara, but that’s why we joined forces to do something different.

Franka, (IN magazine)
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