Heat allocations and voting rules published

A Dal will kick off this Saturday with its first heat, where 10 acts will compete for six spots in the semi finals. A full list of the participants per heats have been published and is as follows:

Heat 1 (25th of January):

Heat 2 (1st of February):

Heat 3 (8th of February):

The running order per show is still to be announced.

The voting pattern is going to be the same as last year – the juries will vote for each of the songs right after it has been performed, and the top three by the jury votes will qualify for the semi finals, which will take place on the 15th and 16th of February. Televoting will then start for the other seven songs in the heat, three of which will qualify for the semi finals.

Once again, viewers from all over the world will be able to vote, and the price of the cost of an sms vote will be just as much as a cost of sending an sms to any number in Hungary. The voting numbers are going to be:

The voting codes for the songs will be from 01-10 in the first heat, 11-20 for the songs in the second heat, and 21-30 for the songs in the third heat. The songs will keep their voting codes in the semi finals, and the final as well. 20 votes from one phone number will be accepted.

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