NimmerSchmidt: “I just want to great make music and if people like it, then there you go!” [Interview]

Once again Estonia is using its popular Eesti Laul format to select not only Estonia’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, but as a showcase for local talent. With not long to go until the live shows begin, we took the opportunity to speak to a few of the contestants, and today we hear what Andero Nimmer and Fredy Schmidt aka NimmerSchmidt have to say.
escXtra: Hey guys! Thanks for taking some time to speak to us today!
Andero Nimmer: Hey! You’re welcome!
X: Firstly we’d like to congratulate you once again  on your qualification to the semi-finals of Eesti Laul 2015!
Fredy Schmidt: Thank you!

Andero Nimmer
Andero Nimmer
X: We spoke to you both last year when you participated with your song Sandra. One year on, how do you feel about your participation in Eesti Laul 2014?
A: It feels a bit like having a cup of tea in the evening – good and peaceful.
F: It’s good to see, that we haven’t been forgotten and we are appreciated enough to choose us to the semi-finals. Of course some things are different: the lyrics have gotten more serious and we’ve also decided rather not giving concerts, but focus on recording new songs.
X: You said last year that the main reason behind your participation was to gain popularity in Estonia, do you think that you have achieved this?
A: We’ve managed to become a band that people actually know about. Eesti Laul gives a great opportunity to get enough promo to achieve that. But we could do better – there are still some copies of our debut album left in the music stores!
F: Yes, the radios have played our songs quite a bit, so we have achieved something. But I don’t really worry about how to become famous or rich. I just want to great make music and if people like it, then there you go! If the songs turn out good, I’m happy.
X: On that note, it must be quite strange to be contacted by foreign Eurovision journalists. Have you had much contact from fans outside of Estonia who have discovered your music because of Eesti Laul?
F: Yes, there have been people from abroad who want to add us as their Facebook friends and people who write to us that they love our music. It’s all great, but we’re still not planning to go and “make it” in the States.
A: There was this Spanish guy who wanted to translate “Sandra” into Spanish and help us prepare our breakthrough in Latin America, but we decided it’s too soon for that. Music doesn’t have strict borders, but we do sing in Estonian and that kind of rules out a chance to have a Billboard hit. But yeah, after reaching the top 20 on Eesti Laul, there have been quite a few foreign journalists contacting us.
X: Where were you and how did you feel when you found out that you had made it to the Semi-Finals of Eesti Laul? Who found out first?
A: As usual, we were at Fredy’s, having a glass of whiskey and a smoke, watching the TV. We didn’t really hug as much as we did the year before. We shook hands and shared meaningful looks. We had a good feeling about this song.
F: I actually got a phone call earlier in the day to check some facts, so I already knew that we got chosen. But I wanted to see the genuine reaction of the others, so I just gave hints throughout the evening. I also had another song in the competition and I was sure one of them would get chosen.
X:  Can you tell us what “Kellega ma tutvusin?” means and what the song is about?
A: I think it’s about people who think they are so self-confident, but they have no idea they’re still finding out who they are. A philosophical way of saying that the person you met, turned out to be someone completely different. But I’m not sure, Fredy wrote the lyrics, he knows better!
F: Yeah, “Kellega ma tutvusin?” is literally the question, who is this person I met. What comes down to the meaning of the lyrics, the song is about our welfare society, the changing of generations and everything that has happened to and in our country. “Sandra” was just about teenage crush we read about, but this one has a much deeper meaning in it.
Fredy Schmidt
Fredy Schmidt
X: Can you give us a hint as to what we might expect to see from your live stage performance?
F: Just a hint: great young guys from Tartu!
A: Yes, you can see Fredy singing and me playing the keyboard. There are people who sing the back vocals, and possibly green lights. We also plan on finding a huge disco ball – ABBA failed to find one on their own time.
X: Last year you told us of your favourite Eurovision songs, this year can you tell us your favourite Eesti Laul songs?
A: Sure! This year our favourites are Robin Juhkental and the Big Bangers. I think that his band’s, Malcolm Lincoln’s “Siren” from 2010 is one of the best Estonian songs ever reaching the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ve also liked Maltised, The Titles, Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band, Flank, Tenfold Rabbit, Soundclear and Outloudz.
F: I’d point out Malcolm Lincoln, Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band and Kõrsikud.
X: Now some questions to get to know you all a little better how did you each spend your most recent birthdays?
A: I was on Facebook, reading the congratulations. I’m not much of a birthday-person.
F: I spent some quality time with my friends. There was a small party with music and sauna.
X: Can you tell us a secret about yourself that very few people know?
A: That my brand new favourite song is “Colored Emotions” by Night Moves – I just discovered them and they’re great.
F: Whoa, I have no idea… For instance, I love to cook, but I don’t flaunt it around.
X: If you can imagine an average day when you have no music to perform, what do you like to do with yourselves?
F: I usually spend time singing, drawing and cooking or doing something for the school.
A: I’m a teacher, like Sting once was, so the probability that I’m at school and teaching history, is pretty high. I also like to make and listen to music and read – but there’s not much time for that. On the weekends I like to party and spend time with my girlfriend.
X: What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?
A: Bloody Mary. And Coca-Cola is still a beverage with a genius taste!
F: I’d go probably with coffee with Baileys.
X: What is your favourite colour?
F: Hm… This could be red, perhaps.
A: At a certain point, all colours are very pretty. At the moment, I’d go with red, too.
X: Finally, do you have a message for our readers?
F: Take care!
A: And give a listen to our song, of course 🙂
NimmerSchmidt take part in the second semi-final on Saturday, February 14th with the song “Kellega ma tutvusin?” which you can hear below. On behalf of everyone at escXtra we would like to thank Fredy and Andero for their time and wish them all the best in the contest and with whatever comes next.

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