Vienna 2015

Four finalists chosen!

The first semifinal of A Dal 2015 take place. Four acts qualified for the final, including the big favourites Ádám Szabó and Boggie.
The top three jury acts qualified for the final. Televoting then chose another qualifier for the final. Boggie and Ádám Szabó were the runaway winners, scoring 47 points each. Zoltán Mujahid finished in a relatively distant third, with 43 points. Televoting then chose Spoon for the final.
The jury results for tonight, qualifiers in bold:
1. Boggie – Wars for Nothing – 47
1. Ádám Szabó – Give Me Your Love – 47
3. Zoltán Mujahid – Beside You – 43
4. Spoon – Keep Marching On – 41
5. Timi Antal – Woke Up This Way – 39
6. Karmapolis – The Time Is Now – 36
7. Pankastic! – Kicsi A Világ, De Nagy Világ! – 34
8. New Level Empire – Homelights – 33
9. Vera Tóth – Gyémánt – 32

Nick van Lith

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