Vienna 2015

More finalists known; plus two more to Andra chansen

After a very competitive semifinal in Sweden, we have two more songs that have qualified to the final as well as two more qualifiers through to the second chance round, Andra chansen.
Multiple finalist Magnus Carlsson has qualified through to the final yet again, this time with his Swedish language schlager infused “Möt mig i Gamla Stan” and Melodifestivalen débutant Mariette will also be on the Friends Arena stage on 14 March 2015 with her song “Don’t Stop Believing”.
Last year’s finalist Linus Svenning had to qualify through Andra chansen and if he wants to make the Final again this year, he will have to do exactly the same as “Forever Starts Today” was selected to go through to Andra chansen alongside popular Melodifestivalen débutants Viktor & Samir with their hi-octane dance inspired “Groupie”.
The results in full:
Final – Mariette: “Don’t Stop Believing”
Final – Magnus Carlsson: “Möt mig i Gamla Stan”
Andra chansen – Linus Svenning: “Forever Starts Today”
Andra chansen – Viktor & Samir: “Groupie”
5th – Neverstore: “If I Was God for One Day”
6th – Emelie Irewald: “Där och då med dig”
7th – Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen: “Nonetheless”

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