Vienna 2015

First member of Genealogy revealed!

The first member of Armenia’s supergroup Genealogy has been revealed. French-Armenian singer Essaï Altounian will be the first of six members in the project.
It’s just five days ago that Armenian broadcaster ARMTV revealed that Genealogy would represent them in Vienna. It’ll be a group of six vocalists, from all continents in the world. Every singer is of Armenian descent and five of them live abroad. The sixth is an Armenian native. ARMTV however didn’t announce the vocalists taking part in Genealogy: They’ll reveal them one at a time, starting with Essaï today!
Essaï is a 34 year old singer, songwriter, producer and actor. His career is mostly based in France, where he recently released a single called Je N’Oublie Pas.
The song Genealogy will sing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is yet unknown. All we know is that it will be called Don’t Deny. The other members of Genealogy will be revealed in due course.

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