EurovisionVienna 2015

First finalists known

The first semi-final took place tonight in Moldova, and televoters decided along with the jury to send the following seven songs through to Saturday’s final:

  • Diana Brescan – Up and Down
  • Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love
  • Glam Girls – Magia
  • Irina Kitoroagă – I’m Gonna Get You
  • Marcel Roșca – Feelings Will Never Leave
  • Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu Năzdrăvanu
  • SunStroke Project & DJ Michael Ra – Day After Day

There was quite a bit of disagreement between the jury and the public, with the jury favouring Diana Brescan followed by SunStroke Project, and the public voting overwhelmingly for Eduard Romanyuta, who scored more votes than the rest of the field put together. Here are the full results:
The eighth qualifier was selected by an additional televote which ran for just over an hour longer after the show during which Mihaela Andrei qualified with “About Love” after gaining 117 televotes ahead of Brit Kitty Brucknell who recieved 77 votes in second place.

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