Vienna 2015

Eduard Romanyuta wins Moldovan ticket to Vienna

After three long shows this week and nearly 10 hours worth of Eurovision related entertainment in Moldova, the Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta was selected, winning the televote by over 3000 votes, to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria.
Valeria Pașa won the jury vote by a slim margin of 6 points ahead of Eduard but by only receiving 1085 votes, translating into 4 points, she slipped back into second place.
Here are the results in full:
And here are the combined results
Eduard Romanyuta 22
Valeria Pașa 16
SunStroke Project & Michael Ra 14
Serj Kuzenkoff 11
Miss M 11
Doredos 10
Stela Boțan 8
Diana Brescan 7
Donița Gherman 5
Dana Markitan 6
Marcel Roșca 4
Irina Kitoroagă 2
The remaining four artists all recieved 0 points: Mihaela Andrei, Lidia Isac, Glam Girls and Julia Sandu.
You can watch Eduard’s performance from tonight below:

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