Vienna 2015

Entry to be revealed on 5th March (4th in Europe)

SBS’s CEO Michael Ebeid, has announced on JOY Radio 94.9 that the artist and song selected to represent Australia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be announced to the world on Thursday 5th March.
It was announced earlier this month that Australia had been granted a special ‘wildcard’ and would participate in this year’s contest as a ‘one-off’,  in aid of the 60th anniversary.
The SBS boss revealed that they had originally planned for a national final to select their entry but due to the minimal time they had been given, this was unfortunately not possible.
The artist and song will be announced at 09:00 local time on Thursday, which is actually 23:00 CET on Wednesday 4th March for those in Europe.  It is not yet known how the reveal will take place, although a press release seems to be the most likely option.

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