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Edyta Górniak turned down by TVP

Former Eurovision star Edyta Górniak has offered her services to TVP for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. However, the Polish superstar got turned down by her broadcaster. For everyone hoping for it: No Edyta Górniak in Eurovision 2015!
In a statement on her Facebook page, Edyta explains she wanted to celebrate her 25th anniversary in music with a great event. Early January, she decided a return to the Eurovision Song Contest would be a great idea to celebrate that. Fans of Edyta and fans of Eurovision have been rumouring Edyta’s return for many years now. Last year, Edyta stated she would not do Eurovision again, unless she found a song to outshine To Nie Ja. It now seems Edyta had found the song to do that.
However, Edyta’s dream and the dream of many fans has now vanished for at least another year. Not because TVP didn’t think Edyta wasn’t good enough (or at least, her statement doesn’t say so) or not suitable for Eurovision, though. TVP has already signed a perfect act for Eurovision, they say. Song and artist fit perfectly together. Seems Edyta was simply late to the party! The Polish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be revealed on Monday, 9th March.
Needless to say, Edyta Górniak got her fame for Eurovision fans during the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 in Dublin. She was the first ever Polish entrant to the contest and immediately scored Poland’s best result to date. Her entry To Nie Ja finished second, only behind the Irish duo of Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington.
Would you like to see Edyta back in Eurovision today? Or is it a blessing she was late to the party? Watch her song To Nie Ja below!

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