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Former winners return to Melodifestivalen for Andra chansen

If Sveriges Television (SVT) were looking for a way to boost interest in this year’s “half the participants will qualify” Andra chansen, they’ve absolutely managed it with the announcements this week that two former winners will take to the stage in Helsingborgs with two very different jobs to each other and to their previous wins.
Firstly, with a new album fast approaching, the première live performance of her brand new lead single “Paper Light (Higher)”, which is available to pre-order now on iTunes, is expected from Loreen on Saturday night. SVT have confirmed that Loreen will perform “something that they do not expect me to do, haha” in an interview with the former Eurovision winner. The title of the song is not yet confirmed but with an impending release of this new single on Monday, we can assume that the performance will reflect that.

Malena Ernman
Malena Ernman, Kulturcentralen ©
Our other winner comes from 2009; Malena Ernman won in the 11 song final with “La voix”. She has today confirmed that she will be backing her friend Behrang Miri live on-stage on Saturday night in Duel 4 of Andra chansen. In her interview with SVT, she said “Behrang is an old friend of mine. After the song he tweeted to me and asked for tips. I replied in jest that if you are going to the finals, I want to be with you” and now she has agreed to sing backing vocals on stage, which one would assume would be during Victor Crone’s chorus. Although she admits that she expects Samir & Viktor to win the duel with their song “Groupie”, she admits that “this is a fun thing, and I do not have to work myself to death like I did last time.”
With two former Melodifestivalen winners involved in this Saturday’s show, you may not want to miss it!

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