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SVT confirms duel match-ups have producer input

After Saturday’s late-night reveal of the 4 duel match-ups for this week’s Andra chansen, wrote to Sveriges Television (SVT) in order to clarify how these eight duels were compiled.
Madeleine Sinding-Larsen, SVT’s Press Officer for Melodifestivalen 2015, responded to our query about the composition of the duels with the following:

This year Andra chansen looks like this:
The songs that came in third meet the songs that came in fourth.
No one meets a song that they have met before.
With this starting point the executive producer and his team have tried to arrange the most exciting duels.

This confirms to us that the duels are, in fact, third placed songs versus fourth placed songs from the semifinal stage of the competition. However, this does also clarify that the producers did indeed put songs against one another themselves, in the same way that the semifinals are composed, in order to make the best possible show rather than a fully fair random draw.
SVT’s Andra chansen will take place on Saturday night at 20:00 CET and you will be able to follow our liveblog here at

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