Aram MP3: “I would really love to see our world to be a better place…” [Interview]

Continuing the chain of songs calling for the mankind to be kinder and more decisive, Aram MP3 from Armenia, who placed 4th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with his song “Not Alone”, recently released a brand-new song “Help” which premiered weeks ago. Following the premier, Aram announced the competition for cover versions to the song. The submission of the songs if still open on his official Facebook page and if you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to sing with Aram MP3 in case of victory.
Aram, who was honored with a special prize from the President of Armenia for his achievements on the international stage, took his time to talk to us and share his news and updates.
EscXtra: Dear Aram, thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. We would like to congratulate you on your brand-new song “Help”.
Aram MP3: Thank you for the invitation, is has been a long time since we last talked… almost a year ago, right?
X: Exactly! How has your life changed after the Eurovision 2014? Do you have any plans to come back on the Eurovision stage in the nearest future?
A: Well…sometimes it seems Eurovision was long-long time ago, though it hasn’t been a year though. That was a great experience for me and was a great source of inspiration and ideas to me, as a musician. My life has become even more dynamic, with my regular concerts, works on releasing my first album, recording new songs and shooting new video clips…In a word, I have lots of things to do, so wait for some news from me! As what to coming back to Eurovision again, you know, I love making unexpected things, so maybe one day I will decide to engage again in the contest.
X: Armenia has come up with a new concept “Genealogy” for Vienna. What do you think about the idea?
A: Oh, I absolutely love the idea, I think it is very creative and unique. As you may know 2015 is a very important year for all Armenians in the world and my song “Help” is also a reminder about the human cruelty and that it should be punished, and I also released it in 2015 on purpose.
Armenian diaspora is very united and I guess the song concept of Genealogy illustrates that ties all over the world. The talented team that will represent Armenia has the potential to be one of the most memorable performances this year in Vienna. I wish all the best to my colleagues and hope they will enjoy that experience in Austria.
X: You released a new song “Help” with a provocative video clip recalling some of the world-famous historical events. What is the message behind the song?
A: This song is call to human kind to stop asking help from elsewhere, when the solution is in our hands. We are used to blame everyone around in the horrible situation we have nowadays. I see so much cruelty, anger and hate in this world and I see people hoping that someone should stop it. I am sure that each of us is the starting point in changing the world into a kinder place, we should start changes by looking at ourselves. Lyrics are written by my good friend and colleague Garik Papoyan. We also used Charlie Chaplin’s great quote, saying that people have the enormous power, so let’s use it for spreading love and not creating war machines.
And of course, the video clip supplements the song message. We used the symbolism concept while making the video and I am sure each of us will see different meaning for each symbol and will have different associations every element. I don’t want to describe the meaning of each shot, giving space for creativity to each of the viewers. As you mentioned, there is part in the video clip where we used archived documentary footage among which there are also shot from Armenian Genocide from 1915…
My hero in the clip wonders in the world, looks at the current situation in the world and cries out for help. So he wonders and sees the world in the condition he doesn’t want to see, like he sees that wonderful fish caught in the trap. He thinks he is a tiny man in the world and can’t do anything…though I am sure if we all unite together for a kind goal, we will definitely succeed. Until, everyone will think that they can’t change anything in this world, that would be repeating again and again…
X: Both “Not Alone” and “Help” call for understanding, tolerance and peace. Do you plan to continue the chain of the songs?
A: As a public person I realize that I carry the responsibility in front of my fans and audience. Each song that I sing (even the covers) comes from heart and illustrates my opinion and life perception. I would really love to see our world to be a better place and people living in it spreading love and kindness. So I hope that through my art I can somehow contribute to this.
X: You started your career as a showman and singer, performing the cover versions of the outstanding songs, recently coming up with your own songs. What is the next step in your career path?
A: I am currently working on releasing my first solo album, which will include many new songs of different styles. I hope my fans will appreciate it! I am posting regular updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts about my regular club concerts and other events.
X: Aram, thank you once again for the interview. What would you wish to the fans and followers of
Thank you for the interview, it is always nice to talk to old friends from Eurovision! There are hot times coming for Eurovision lovers, so watch this space for updates and also join my YouTube channel to be the first one to see my new videos. All the best! Thank you.
You can listen to “Help” below:

Following “Help”, Aram MP3 released the studio version of the song “Amazing” music to which was composed by Serjo, the song itself having been penned by Sona Nazaryan.

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