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Polina Gagarina: “A Million Voices” is a song about peace!

As announced earlier by Channel One, Polina Gagarina will be flying the Russian flag in Vienna. The song is called “A Million Voices” and was created by Joakim Björnberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Gabriel Alares, Leonid Gutkin and Vladimir Matetskiy.
In an interview to Channel One, Polina says that “A Million Voices” is a song about peace, a song dedicated to everyone on our planet. According to Polina, it is a song about love which is the feeling worth living, breathing, fighting and keeping on for. It is the only meaning of life and the million voices in the song sing about it.
Polina reveals some of the details of the official music video featuring 25 kids and their parents. For her, it was very touching to see the whole family united in the video. Gagarina feels confident and can be herself in the music video because “A Million Voices” is a rock ballad with a strong message. Once heard, it became her own possession.
The singer is sure about the success of her team with such a meaningful song symbolizing the voice of Russia in Vienna.
You can watch the snippet below:
Polina Gagarina shot to fame after winning the show “Fabrika Zvyozd” (Star Academy) in 2003 as well as the music contest “New Wave” in Yurmala, Latvia. Her biggest hits are “Kolybel’naya” (Lullaby) followed by “Spektakl’ okonchen” and “Net”.

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