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Hints keep dropping; Is it Elnur for Vienna?

One more day is left before Azerbaijan will finally announce their entrant for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. There doesn’t seem to be much surprise left in ITV’s announcement, however. Several hints and rumours are pointing in just one direction: Elnur Hüseynov.
The most recent winner of O Ses Türkiye is no stranger to Eurovision: Back in 2008, he was responsible for the Azerbaijani debut in Eurovision. Together with Samir, he managed to get Azerbaijan their first ever top ten: Day After Day finished in eighth in Belgrade. According to the rumours, he’d now come back, but as a solo participant.
But let’s have a look at these rumours: Where does the Elnur rumour come from? And most importantly, how likely is this to be true? Very likely, we say, but you probably guessed that already.
First of all, Azerbaijan originally seemed to announce Milim Seçim Turu to select their Eurovision entry. Like they do so often. However, a week after Elnur won O Ses Türkiye, ITV announced they would be going for an internal selection.
After that, ITV has started to drop hints. Their first hint was a picture about ‘their artist’, containing three words: The Unexpected Comeback. We were pointed in the direction of a comeback, but who would be the returning artist?
ComebackAs ITV didn’t say much about which former entrant would return, several fans were paying attention to more subtle hints, like the following one where two angel wings were shown regarding the Eurovision contestant for Azerbaijan. It may come as no surprise that Elnur was indeed ‘the angel’ of the 2008 duo.
Angel wings
As if that wasn’t enough, ITV dropped a further hint today combining the previous two hints. They now state ‘The Angel Returns’, which obviously, once again, points in one direction only. You can see that statement below:
The Angel ReturnsThat’s all the confirmation we need from Azerbaijan’s broadcaster ITV. They’ve been dropping hints galore, but what else do we have? Yes, there is more!, as the name says, an Azerbaijani news portal, has published an article where singer Nura Suri said she was sure Elnur is indeed doing Eurovision. She says:

I want everyone to know – this year Elnur will represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision.

Finally, there’s one more, possibly the biggest sign of them all: Elnur himself posted a Facebook post a while ago with a lot of hashtags. Those hashtags included the following line:

#eurovision #eurovision2008 #osestürkiye
#osestürkiye2015 #singer #pop #jazz #opera #classical
#music #sweet #cool #lovely #pianist #şampiyonelnur #eurovision2015 #eurovision2015Azerbaijan #eurovision2015elnur

As we said at the start, ITV still hasn’t confirmed anything, except for their own hints. Those hints all point to Elnur, but perhaps ITV has fooled us all? Perhaps Elnur won’t do Eurovision 2015? Or are ITV really too obvious in their hints? Let us know what you think below!

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