Vienna 2015

ORF reveals full national final results

Austrian broadcaster ORF have just revealed the voting details for their national final, Wer Singt Für Österreich?. The Makemakes convincingly won the show, getting over 50% of the votes in both televoting rounds.
After an exciting jury voting, the televoting became a landslide for The Makemakes. After only just making it into first with juries, they also received twelve points from televoting: 51,15% of the Austrian people decided The Makemakes should represent Austria.
Results of televoting round one:

  1. The Makemakes – I Am Yours: 51,15%
  2. DAWA – Feel Alive: 14,35%
  3. Zoe – Quel Filou: 11,32%
  4. Folkshilfe – Who You Are: 11,31%
  5. Johann Sebastian Bass – Absolutio: 8,92%
  6. Celina Ann – Utopia: 2,94%

After a tie-break between Zoe and DAWA (Zoe received ten points from the jury, eight from televoting; DAWA the other way around), DAWA progressed to the superfinal. For that superfinal, host Mirjam Weichselbraun announced that ORF introduced the superfinal because they wanted over 50% of the Austrian public to stand behind their song. Funnily enough, that had already happened in round one without Mirjam even realising it. It was therefore no surprise that The Makemakes convincingly won the superfinal:

  1. The Makemakes – I Am Yours: 78%
  2. DAWA – Feel Alive: 22%

As you see, The Makemakes convinced the Austrian people most of all. Their song I Am Yours will represent Austria on home soil in Vienna.

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