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Monika & Vaidas: “It’s like a love story between two of us.” [Interview]

Since winning the National Selection last month, Monika & Vaidas have been quite busy. We were able to get a hold of them exclusively for Here is what we talked about.
Congratulations Monika & Vaidas – you made it! How do you feel?
Monika: Thank you! I feel really happy about this. It’s been an extremely intense month after the victory.
Vaidas: I guess the best word to express the way we feel is proud and excited. It’s definitely an honour to be a part of Eurovision family this year.
Monika, this was your 6th time participating in the preselection. Do you feel this was your best entry of all 6? Which other of the 5 attempts you enjoyed the most?
I believe this one was the best because the jury and TV viewers trusted us. I mean, the result speaks for itself. I think all of my other 5 attempts were pretty good but I can’t choose the best one. Anyway, to my view, the last one must be the best one, because we were chosen to represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest.
Vaidas, the second time around was lucky for you. Did you feel you were more ready this year?
I feel that this entire year I’m rolling on the right track. Since I got back from the UK last May – everything seems to be climbing uphill. I guess it’s luck combined with constant hard work that I’ve been putting into my career.
Initially, it seemed like you were both hesitant to the idea of a duet. What made you change your minds?
Monika: I wasn’t hesistant to the idea of a duet. I did sing duets with other singers before and I enjoyed it. We simply had different songs at the beginning of the contest. But was never hesistant to that idea.
Vaidas: Well the whole selection process felt a bit dodgy at first, but as contestants we had to adapt and apply ourselves to new rules. So Monika and I met up in a studio. Tried to sing a couple of preselection songs, but hands down This Time felt like it could be the strongest duet.
“This Time” was initially a solo song. How did its meaning change after it became a duet?
Vaidas: I don’t think the meaning has changed in any way. It has the same feel good vibe, message of love and happiness.
Monika: The meaning hasn’t really changed, but now it’s like a love story between two of us.
What are your expectations for Vienna?
Vaidas: Expectations? To spend an amazing time among other talented people, gain a huge amount of experience and carry the Lithuanian flag with pride.
Monika: I had an intense schedule, so I didn’t have any time to think about it. I just know that we will get lots of skills there, it’s what matters to me the most. Of course, we expect to do our best.
Our Maltese editor wanted you to watch this Danish entry from 1957: The question was: are you planning to beat that?
Vaidas: Lol. Well our kiss is more of a naive portrayal of two people kissing for the first time 🙂 and that video is a whole different story.
Monika: We will see… 🙂
What are you planning to bring to Vienna that would make you stand our from the other entries?
Monika: We want to bring lots of love, heartiness, some naivety. Something that people are missing these days.
Vaidas: A sincere and professional performance. We are going to stand out as Lithuania’s people. 🙂
To end the interview, do you have a message to the readers of
Monika: I’d like to wish all the readers to love the music. It has a magic power which can heal our broken souls.
Vaidas: Don’t forget to vote – If you will I promise you my moms best bakery in return 🙂
Thank you Monika & Vaidas! All the best of luck in May!

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