Ireen Sheer releases her inner schlagerdiva

Three time Eurovision entrant Ireen Sheer has released a new single, called Wie Ein Feuerwerk. Ireen continues to live up to her status of schlagerdiva!
The official video for Wie Ein Feuerwerk came out a few days ago and Ireen showed her music is far from outdated, despite her age of 66. She seems to hold on to the motto of life introduced by the late Eurovision winner Udo Jürgens: Life starts at 66!
Ireen participated in Eurovision a grand total of three times: Twice for Luxembourg, once for Germany. During her first appearance, for Luxembourg in 1974, she came in fourth with Ralph Siegel’s first ever Eurovision entry Bye Bye I Love You. Four years later, she brought Germany to sixth place with a classic, Feuer. Her last Eurovision appearance came in 1985, when she was part of an international ensemble for Luxembourg, together with Margo, Franck Olivier, Chris Roberts, Diane Solomon and Malcolm Roberts. Their Children, Kinder, Enfants only came thirteenth.
What do you think about Wie Ein Feuerwerk? Let us know!

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