Vienna 2015

Edsilia Rombley to be the Dutch spokesperson

AvroTros have just announced who is going to be their spokesperson for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Two time Eurovision entrant Edsilia Rombley will take on the task.
Back in 1999, Edsilia was also chosen to give the Dutch votes. That was one year after she scored a fourth place with Hemel En Aarde. She also popped in during Paul de Leeuw’s votes in 2007, the year she got eliminated from the semifinals.
Not only is Edsilia a two time Eurovision entrant, she is also related to this year’s Dutch entrant, Trijntje Oosterhuis. They’re sisters-in-law, as Edsilia married the composer of her 2007 song and Trijntje’s brother Tjeerd. Last year’s Dutch spokesperson, Tim Douwsma, became trending topic on Twitter as ‘the hot Dutch guy’.

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